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Stablecoins: A Viable Alternative to Cash?

The volatility of popular cryptocurrencies has so far prevented them from becoming a mainstream threat to traditional banking. But, what if there was a way to take those benefits, such as privacy, decentralization, user autonomy, and elimination of banking fees, and combining them with the simplicity and stability of established currencies. Enter the Stablecoin.


5 Reasons Why Remittance Will Continue to Flourish with Blockchain

The global remittance industry faces many problems that involve both the sending and receiving of money. The most critical of these issues includes large transaction costs and an opaque transfer process.


How To Build A Seamless Peer-to-Peer Payments App

While the hype around blockchain technology continues to rise, its full capacities have yet to be realized. The potential that these platforms have to globalize international payments are intriguing in developed countries, but for those that don’t already have a well-tuned financial engine, it is an awakening.


Breaking Down Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know

Many people don’t understand the nature of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and it certainly makes sense why. We’ll break down this complex concept into an easy to understand format regardless of your experience with Crypto.


5 Insights Into the Blockchain Remittance Market

Sending money across borders to friends and family has always been a costly affair. The time and money eaten up by these transactions has traditionally been very high, but with advancements in technology like blockchain, this may no longer be the case in the future.


3 Crypto Projects that Could Disrupt the Remittance Industry

Each year, people send billions of dollars back home to family and friends via the global remittance industry, including international fixtures like Western Union and MoneyGram, and traditional banking institutions.


How Blockchain is Redefining Money Transfer

Each year, people send billions of dollars to their friends and family members back in their home countries. Leading players in the global remittance market are companies like Western Union and MoneyGram who provide rapid cash transfers.


What is Blockchain?

While cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are making waves in the world of finance, these technologies are also impacting industries beyond just banking. We found four blockchain projects that are changing the remittances world and could be getting some serious attention in the coming year.

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